zipping away

I tried to intall my CS3 only to find that my little old desktop was too weak to handle it–meaning, I had too little RAM on it to manage the installation. I had a moment where I thought it was all at an end until I recovered from my momentary brain lapse and remembered that I had installed RAM on my old desktop (dearly departed these last 5 years) when I was 14. I figured if I was able to do it when I was a kid, I could certainly do it now that I’m older and “wiser”. So I did and here we are, working at speeds the likes of which this old compy has never experienced. Luckily, Best Buy had a sale on PNY 1GB memory 😀 . I just hope the upgrade isn’t too much of a shock to Moony (it is an older model, but I refuse to give it up for a crappy Vista system).

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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