double sighted

Oh, the joys of optometry. My optometrist ran some more tests yesterday to find out what is wrong with my vision, so I spent all day with my pupils nicely dilated (which explains why I am writing about this a day later). Turns out I have one of those curious cases where each eye is doing something different. My left eye is far-sighted and my right eye is near-sighted, hence, why I am able to see things clearly from far away when I close my right eye (but which makes for terrible driving and leads people to think that you are making googly eyes at them).

I now have a proper prescription, and an extra pair of glasses (so that I don’t have to panic when I’m getting ready for work/school and can’t remember where I last placed them). If all goes well, the headaches should become less severe in a couple of weeks. And my eye muscles should relax and relearn how to focus without assistance.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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