the scent of paper and ink

Found this post through LISnews

It’s about books lovers and those who put up with them (sort of).

I’m a book lover. My home is overrun by books. I try to get rid of them – sell them, donate them, give them away – but the collection just keeps growing. Is it any wonder my dream is to work in a bookstore or a library?

These two lines were particularly amusing to me 🙂 because it describes my particular brand of bibliophilia very well…

A bona fide book lover is someone who loves the smell of paper. He or she loves the feel of the book as much as the look of the book.

Book lovers don’t care where the books are, just that they are close by. They don’t have to be orderly; sometimes a lack of order is preferred. Books can be piled horizontally or vertically, stacked in rows, squeezed together or layered in a pyramid.

I have to admit, even my mom thinks I’m a little nutty when I tell her I simply have to go to a bookstore to smell the books.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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