Greens and Green

I tend to avoid going to my local Wal-Mart at all cost, but when I told my parents that I was going to go out and pick up some groceries, they decided that they had to do groceries too, and wouldn’t it be grand to go together? Fearing a stress-inducing trip, I was amazed to find that I managed to get them in and out in record time : 1.5 hours. That is quite a feat for a Wal-Mart trip with my mom, who loves to go down every aisle, and my dad, who loves to look at bargains.

The whole trip was relatively painless, aside from a few encounters with the elderly mad (ie. loud old Cubans).

And I found a nifty organic cotton tote from Seed Supply Co.! I love totes and this one is ultra roomy and kind of reminds me of that sack that Ariel floats around with in the beginning of The Little Mermaid. Plus, it’s organic cotton. For $5. Who knew Wal-Mart was becoming so green? I will be going back for some of their colorful tees.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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