I got the job! And the best part is that it was the one I really wanted :).

I have been applying for jobs for months, even before I quit the teaching gig, and getting no reply (to be expected in this economy). Most of the jobs I applied for were administrative assistant gigs, as there are not many non-teaching jobs for English majors at the moment and I am not looking for anything too permanent so long as I’m between programs. Since I am trying to get into a library science program, I really wanted a library gig, but most positions required years of experience for full-time openings and many of the part-time ones were located miles from where I live and paid less than I earn for tutoring (didn’t want to quit tutoring for something that will result in more travel expenses and less pay). Then I found a part-time opening near my home at a small technical college that would allow me to continue working at my current job and offers me the same wage (so it’s almost like I have a proper full-time job!).

And I got it!

I received a promising email from the head librarian and she seemed to like my response, then the interview was going so well that halfway through I knew that I was going to be offered the position :).

It looks like it will be a nice fit. I liked the environment and the library is small enough that I will almost be like an actual librarian.

Am ecstatic and so glad that I will finally be doing something that I am truly interested in.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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