Sundays at Work

Tutoring on a Sunday has to be the one of the slowest jobs ever. Students barely come in during the week, I don’t know why we even bother offering services on Sundays. I am breaking about 5 center rules right now in an effort to keep myself from succumbing to sleep.

I am commiting the following crimes:

  • listening to music (oh noes!)
  • having a snack (double noes!)
  • wasting time on Gawker (only to be topped by wasting time on YouTube)
  • checking Facebook (only slightly less illegal than YouTube)
  • Texting/IMing (it is the end of order as we know it!)

Yes, I am behaving very badly and setting a terrible example for the young’uns.

I am certain blogging would be against the rules as well, if the head one were familiar with the concept.

I should have brought something to work on 😦

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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