replenishing the royal army

Since when are condoms kept under lock and key? I rarely blog about my sex life, but I just have to know if this phenomenon is a new thing as I have never encountered it until today.

I went to CVS with my bf to buy a new pack only to find that the entire “Family Planning” section of the aisle was behind a locked glass case with a Staples easy-button-esque Call for Service button hovering above the glass. This glaring red button is not a discreet button. Oh no. It calls for service on the loudspeaker, interrupting whatever lite track is on at the moment and requesting that one of the employees make their way to the Family Planning aisle. It is also a bilingual button. The English message is promptly followed with a request in Spanish.

I found it utterly hilarious, but it was still a little weird. I really wonder if they just have a lot of condom thieves? Is there a purpose behind the lock and key other than to see how people react to the awkward button pressing moment? Is this local? Is it because I live in a largely Hispanic community that there is this odd watch on the condom buying? Or is CVS just toying with us?

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2 thoughts on “replenishing the royal army”

  1. Again, late. But I’ve totally forgot you had this site and you update it more than your LJ.

    I think it’s local. CVS, Duane Reade, Walgreens, etc. has them out in the open here in NYC. It could be to prevent theft. In NYC condoms are usually in plain sight of a register to watch for theft. Though, in NY we have free condoms available practically everywhere when the city came out with the NYC condom a couple of years ago, so I don’t know why people would pay for them…

    You live in Florida right? So 1) You live down south and 2) Hispanics tend to be religious Christians. Anything related to “family planning” right-wingers and Christians believe leads to fornicating and eternal damnation! It could be behind glass to prevent minors from purchasing them, which is stupid in my opinion. I mean I live in NY (one of the top 10 most lefty states) and it was still a HUGE deal with many parents to have free condoms available in high school guidance counselors’ offices. A letter was sent home every year, and if one wanted their child exempt they had to sign the letter and send it back, if not it was assumed you didn’t care if your kid got condoms.

    Three random funny notes on the side. You can get Marc Jacobs condoms in various colors in cute packaging at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores for about $1.25. In Paris they have condom dispensers, for both men and women, in practically every Metro station. And the NYC condom slogan is “Get Some.”

  2. It’s definitely the Hispanic aspect, this store is right in the middle of a predominately Cuban area… it’s actually near my gramp’s place, so lots of older Cubans to be precise. I haven’t seen the button at any of the other CVS’s, but I’m keeping an eye out. Next time, I’m taking a picture.

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