one after the other

And some days you just can’t get a break…

Was a bit of a mess yesterday after a group work fiasco – misunderstandings abound when one relies on email to coordinate with strangers. Today, I received a lovely bill for my ER visit… I owe $2545 for my mystery knee sprain. I really do have to ask myself, was the CT scan necessary? Would an xray have sufficed? Oh well, radiologist I am not.

Then I received a nice slew of emails from the County about all those positions I applied for… it looks like they closed all of them because of the budget (since the listings weren’t due to close until August).

So what’s the lesson to be learned from all this? I really have to stop checking my gmail in the morning. It only ruins the rest of my day when I get bad news so soon after waking up. Let the bad news come after I’ve had a few peaceful hours.

So I have a part time-part time job (since I am on “holiday” from my other part time-part time job), a lot of bills, and a busted up knee. I need some chocolate.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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