a little self-congratulation on a dull day

Reached a milestone of sorts on The Project That Shall Not Be Named (not that it hasn’t got a name, it does and has for a while.). It seems that I’ve been working on this thing for ages and now it is half-way done… if all goes as outlined and not astray, as is often the case.

wrapperNow that I’m in the library, I can conduct research during the slow hours, at least so long as I don’t have assignments. Topic for the day was late nineteenth century fashion, and there are plenty of lovely plates to be found online. Meanwhile, the one book of use in the library is currently being processed… this does not bode well for me, I’ve seen how that place works and don’t expect it to be processed quickly 😦 And yes, fashion is relevant to my needs for this project. I’ve found that though I’ve done plenty of research on Victorian fashion and corsets, I can’t remember what many of the pieces were called (aside from the obvious of course, flounced skirts, crinolines, bustles). And for some reason, though I remember borrowing books on this subject from the uni, I can’t seem to find them in the catalog. Probably stolen or lost. They were very interesting books, after all.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

2 thoughts on “a little self-congratulation on a dull day”

  1. Is theThe Project That Shall Not Be Named a book? You’re writing a book aren’t you?

    Either that or you’re making a costume, or maybe directing a period film…

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