random pictures and surprise cat-blogging

After months of telling myself I would, I finally went up to the special collections to visit my thesis. As I work there now, it seemed like the perfect opportunity… plus, I was suckered into a field trip to the fourth floor by one of the other girls 🙂

I wish I had my camera on hand at the time, I was only able to get two very badly blurred shots with my phone (I recently cracked my phone and had to downgrade back to my old Razr, sucks for pictures).



One day, I will bind a copy of my own.

Meanwhile, Didymus has learned the joy of bubbles and having them land on one’s nose.



didy_bubbles3Yes, he is a large, silly creature 🙂

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

2 thoughts on “random pictures and surprise cat-blogging”

  1. that first picture was really weird! his sitting position, or rather his standing upright makes him look like a little old man. just saying…

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