donating to the collection

I may bitch and complain about the mess I go through every day to find a parking space on campus , but I really do enjoy my job. Finally, I’m working in an environment that is relevant to my chosen field, where I can gain insight into the daily workings of a library.

And sometimes, it’s just fun.

Everyone who works in a library has interesting stories to tell, about patrons, about reference questions, about the strange things that are found in reading areas and/or books. We’re a new department within the main library, but we already have some of our own stories to tell. Among our latest reference questions: Can I donate my body to the collection?

Being a medical library, we are in the business of providing a body of medical literature… this does not mean actual human bodies. Why this person was directed to the library remains a mystery.

I’m waiting for our first mystery organ in a jar to appear.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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