a game for the wordsmiths

ScribblenautsWhat happens when a shark and a beekeeper fall into a lake? You can beat one of the levels in Scribblenauts!

I got a new Nintendo DS for my birthday, but haven’t purchased many game packs yet (I currently have my b-chan’s DS collection on loan). On Friday, my b-chan surprised me with a copy of Scribblenauts. If his story is to be believed 😛 he asked the salesperson for a game that a book-loving librarian would enjoy, so the salesperson recommended the recently released Scribblenauts.

Scribblenauts is  part riddle/part action game. It challenges you to test your imagination and word skills at once as you try to find the right combination of words to solve the problem and get the starite.

It’s a great game, though some of the challenges seem a little too advanced for young children. It’s fun to unlock the different creatures and objects that you can use to complete the levels. I seem to have a penchant for using a jetpack to get out of sticky situations… ropes are also quite useful 😛

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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