A feast for three

My little Cornish hens are roasting away alongside a pair of sweet potatoes. Much less involved than roasting a turkey. While I like turkey, I didn’t really want to give in to the frenzy of preparing one. This will be a different, simple sort of meal, but flavorful. Plus, it’s just me, my mom, and my gran, a whole turkey (even a small one) lasts for days when we do make one. I’ll consider one for Christmas, but I fear we may very well be having a Cuban Christmas this year–pork is not my favorite, but my dad (and the rest of my relatives) love having it when he comes over on Christmas day; my mom makes roast pork sandwiches with Cuban bread, swiss cheese, and green tomatoes, and they are indeed tasty.

I made a pair of pumpkin pies yesterday, and a bunch of pumpkin cup-pies with the extra filling that was left after the crusts had been filled; I can’t wait to have a slice of pie 🙂 it’s my favorite and this is the first time I make it all by myself. Pictures later.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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