Christmas Carols

The b-chan got tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Bank Atlantic Center last night, so I am now in full Christmas mode. We had floor seats–I’m always iffy about floor seats, there’s the appeal of being so close to the stage, but the uncomfortable foldout chairs and the visibility issues that arise when everyone is on the same level kind of mar the experience. Nevertheless, despite the heads blocking my view, the show was amazing! It was like being in a crazy anime action sequence… with glitter. Lots of flash, boom, flames action.

Tonight, my mom is entertaining the b-chan’s family, so I’ve started setting up the Christmas decorations (at last). Thanks to the mad German cousin (he’s really Cuban, but lives in Germany), we have a bunch of folksy Christmas ornaments, nutcrackers, and little smoking gnomes (you light incense under them and it looks like they’re blowing smoke rings á la Gandalf). Nice and festive. No tree though, Didymus would knock it down.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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