on health care

I was going to keep this semi-private on livejournal, but I feel upset about this and I think I deserve to have my moment of bitch-ranting. I’ve been in a morose mood lately and it’s mostly to do with the state of my finances. Sometimes I just need to air my dirty laundry.

Gotta love the health care system, they sure know how to make your day.

I’ve been paying off a $2000+ hospital bill since May. I’ve managed to pay $770 thus far… because $110 a month was the lowest monthly charge they offered me. I thought that was it. $110 a month for the next year and half and I would be done.

It’s been more than six months since this happened, but today I received a new bill for $505. Why?!?! What is this for?! Apparently, it’s the doctor’s fee. The doctor who spent a total of five minutes with me during my stay, asked me a few questions, and ordered the CT scan that needlessly racked up my hospital bill (the doctor I saw for my follow up could not understand why they didn’t just perform an XRAY instead of such a costly scan). My insurance says I only need to pay $302 out of pocket. Only, she sneers. I guess $203 less is better than the full amount. I anticipate a long day of haggling with the billing company to reduce my bill and give me a reasonable monthly charge.

Nevermind the rest of the debt I’m in, just when I think things are under control, they fall apart again.

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romance writer and bibliophile

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