fruit and Relativity

Every year, the Gables hosts it’s Farmer’s Market and every year, I miss it. Except this year! I finally got to go yesterday and what a treat it was 🙂 . The b-chan and I arrived while the day was still cool, so we got to wander around among the fully laden produce, flower, and food stalls without the usual midday heat. I bought a small pot of Tropical Fruit Honey and a large starfruit for myself, and a coconut for my mom. Next time, I’ll try to go in the early morning so I can have some breakfast or pick up an early lunch. The food all looked delicious, too bad neither of us was very hungry at the moment.

Here is the Market on the corner of Biltmore Way
Gables Farmer's Market

Some wonderfully fragrant teas and spices

Beautiful, blooming orchids
A touch of color

fancy macarons from Le Boudoir

and fresh eggs from the farm
Fresh eggs

After our morning jaunt, we headed off on an hour long drive to Boca to see the “Magical World of M.C. Escher” exhibit at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Escher is one of my favorite artists; a lot of my work was inspired by his prints when I was in art class, and I have always been fascinated by his tessellations and ability to toy with the viewer’s perception. I was surprised by the breadth of the exhibit and the quantity of prints on display. Many of the pieces were new to me and I really enjoyed seeing a different side of Escher, particularly the Italian landscapes and book prints. The pieces from his office were a neat addition to the exhibit as well, as were the lithograph blocks. My favorite still remains his Three Worlds print, but I loved the Metamorphosis prints and the flower sketches.

The museum also had Mary Cassatt on display, which was a nice treat as Cassatt is one of those artists whose work I’ve never seen in South Florida. The permanent collection also had some interesting works by other artists, so it was a worthwhile trip, though a very long drive.

And the museum has this great teacup and kettle sculpture that made for a nice photo-op 🙂
Cup and Kettle

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