there’s something about Gricel

Like many kids with unusual names, it took a while for me to appreciate mine… it was always especially embarrassing when teachers used to get my name wrong on the first day of class. However, it grew on my and now I’m quite proud of it… it’s not often I get mistaken for another Gricel. So it was a nice little surprise to learn that there is a Tango song named “Gricel” and a Tango site dedicated to dance and all things Gricel @

Guess it’s a good thing for them I never did get around to reserving my name as a domain.

Here’s a video of the song “Gricel” that I found on the site:

There is always something to be learned on the interwebs, all this time I only knew about Patient Griselda and the Grey Lady.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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