a series of lasts

It’s been/will be a week of lasts for me. Today was my last visit to the FIU weekly farmer’s market, as it will be unlikely that I will be stopping by the school on a Wednesday from noon to 3 any time soon. Tomorrow will be my last weekday off, as I start at my new job next week and will be working a full Mon-Fri schedule. Saturday will be my last day at the med library, my last day opening up, my last day wearing my COM badge. I’m excited for the possibilities, but I will miss the people I’ve come to know. Today, I had my exit interview, something I’ve never had to do before. I realized how very long I’ve been a part of the university… 8 years. As a student, tutor, adjunct, and library assistant. 8 years is longer than I ever expected to remain in one place, and I never expected to become such a part of the university. It’s almost silly, but I’ve really grown attached to the place. Who knew I had such school spirit? Nothing will ever be quite the same, even if I return someday. But I’m on my way.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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