slight change of plan

Seems I miscalculated the number of credits I have to take in order to graduate from my program… I thought I needed to complete 36 credits for graduation, an even 12 classes, but I really need to complete 39, which means I have to take an extra elective during the summer term unless I want to endure the madness of full-time coursework while balancing a full-time job. After careful consideration, I’ve decided that is one bit of stress I can do without. I’ll just take the extra course during the summer and so be it. With any luck, I’ll get to sign up for one of the courses I’ve been unable to register for in the past.

I’ve also discovered that the name of my program was recently changed (seems most of my classmates were also unaware of the change). We are no longer the “School of Library and Information Science,” we’re now the “School of Information”. Plenty of library schools have initiated similar changes, combining information technology with information science and confusing the hell out of people who think that IS means IT and vice versa. It doesn’t make much difference in the long run; at least, not for me, but it would have been nice if this change had happened earlier so I could have taken some IT classes to compensate for the lack of digital library courses that are available.

So it goes. I am a busy book keeper and these are my long neglected charges (like a zoo keeper, I keep the books in line).

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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