dinner and a movie

Farmhouse Platter by emperatrix_
Farmhouse Platter, a photo by emperatrix_ on Flickr.

Finally got around to using a Groupon I purchased ages ago for a lovely little French restaurant on South Beach called Otentic. It was a wonderful experience and not at all overpriced, given the portions and quality. The b-chan and I had onion soup in giant white bowls, shared the Farmhouse Platter (which took up most of our tiny table space), and split a Creme Brulee (with Amelie style cracking action). I was in French paradise. Reality promptly bit me in the bum when I reached my car and found a parking ticket because my meter had run out of time. Metered parking lots hate me and I hate them in turn.

Also went to see Thor. Boyfriend is officially giant geek, but he is mine and I will own up to his geek status. Best I can say is that I laughed in all the wrong places and went a bit giggly when “The Abs” (as I shall call them) made their first appearance. It may not be the best movie, but given the alternatives, it’s not the worst. Overall, the land of the gods looked like a Sci-fi illustrator’s dreamland.

I have decided that my objective in life will be to talk like a Brit and dress with French flair. 😀 ha!

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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