the time has come to talk of many things

My birthday is on Monday, and I’ve been thinking of all the changes and things I’ve experienced during this past year. Therefore, I decided to compile a list of my accomplishments… because it is the sort of thing that I do.


  • I upgraded my career by moving from a part time library assistant job at one university to become a full time Circulation supervisor at another university. v.g.
  • Even better, I applied for a full time professional position with my current institution and was accepted for the position. I officially start on July 1st. 🙂
  • I just took my comps exam and am only 5 weeks away from graduation. Will soon be able to add more letters after my name.
  • I have conducted three information literacy sessions, and actually had students come in to see me for more information the day after (!!!).
  • I learned all kinds of things about cataloging. (My personal best was entering 400 records in a day).
  • I took on and completed 2 freelance gigs. One involving graphic design; the other, writing.
  • I’ve become much more active on the social web. (har har, library speak for I’m all over the internets)
  • I actually used my power as a notary to do some good.
  • I’ve become much more open with students and colleagues.
  • I’ve updated my CV and have started looking into publishing some articles in future.


  • I drove almost all the way to Orlando in a rented car! And I planned the trip on my own! (mostly)
  • I got myself a new laptop and made an effort to go green by buying a refurb and recycling my old desktop.
  • I have read around 80 books in the last year. Although, the count is probably higher if I include all my school readings.
  • I made a hair mistake by getting highlights and then remembering that I never liked highlights in the first place. Promptly, cut it and tried to blend it in. Am back to brunette now.
  • I eliminated old debts and learned to manage my cash.
  • I started working out more and discovered that I really enjoy Pilates, yoga, and cardio workouts. Also, realized my knees really can’t take a lot of running. 😦
  • Had a couple of health scares but am relatively normal now.
  • Found a tentative balance between work, school, and personal time. Will soon have to adjust to a new schedule and find a way to fit in some writing time.
  • Redesigned my blog twice.
  • Had some excellent meals and enjoyed the benefits of my Groupon addiction.
  • Have helped all manner of creatures great and small.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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