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Waiting rooms are interesting places. Complete strangers are forced to sit in a room together until they are called upon. It seems all waiting rooms are the same, regardless of the service. There is the usual setup–couches or chairs, coffee or some sort of vending machine, old magazines, and televisions set to the news or bad daytime dramas. Some people will randomly start a conversation, suddenly united in their effort to break the monotony, while others will find something to do. I am a find something to do sort of girl and will usually tote a book or something to write on. Others, however, will come up with much more clever things to keep them busy… like set up a date. Yes, a date. How? Why? I don’t know, but I this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone set up a date in a waiting room just to have something to do. And in a car repair shop waiting room of all places. There I was, waiting for my car to come out and allow me to return to civilization, when the girl next to me receives a call and waves a guy into the room. In a room no larger than the average sitting room, you can’t help but overhear another’s conversation, and they weren’t being the least bit soft-spoken. There they were, getting to know each other and chatting about their like, dislikes, careers, etc… for all the world as if they were meeting for a proper date. And during the guy’s lunch break, no less. It was an incredibly odd thing, though I’m not sure what it says about either of them if they squeeze a date in during such a random hour. I was very amused. Wonder if there will be a date #2 for them? Perhaps in another waiting room?

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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