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Was released from the hospital yesterday. Still in pain, but starting to get a bit stronger. Apparently, my gallbladder was more of a cement bag than anything resembling a proper organ. Dr. thinks it was one of those rare cases of congenital gallbladder dysfunction and was surprised I had managed to live without pain for so long. It was a minimally invasive procedure, but the gallbladder was too large to go through my belly button as planned, so they had to open it up a bit more 😦

Here are a few things I miss:

  • Core strength. I can barely stand upright.
  • My tortellini bellybutton… it’s a much bigger innie now.
  • Energy.
  • The ability to lay back and get up without assistance.
  • Not having pain in my shoulders (that’s where all the gas they pumped into me is stuck).
  • Proper showers.
  • Being able to turn in my sleep.
  • Wearing underwear. Yep, I’m going commando. No way I can handle panties at the moment.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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