out with the old

And in with some new goals for the new year!

Looking back on last year’s resolutions, I’m quite pleased to note that I managed to accomplish most of them:

  • Eliminate what’s left of my debt. (Not including student loans, those will be tackled in future.) – Done! Student loans are in the works and under control.
  • Continue watching my health and taking care of myself. – Yes, I did this too.
  • Get better at relaxing and letting things go. – Did manage to find better ways of dealing with stress.
  • Read all the books on my shelves. (I read a lot of them this year.) – This is an eternal work in progress.
  • Finish my MLIS. (This is not really a resolution, but I should keep spurring myself on.)   – DONE! Woot!
  • Tone up. – Managed to tone a bit, but post-surgery recovery means I have to start again soon.
  • Go on a mini-break. – Sort of did this one. Went on a weekend trip to Orlando.

Not bad.

This year, I resolve to:

  • Walk more. I received two pedometers for Christmas and have started using them to track my steps. I’m starting with some practical goals–I want to try to walk at least 10,000 steps on weekends to start and walk more on workdays.
  • Get back to my workout regimen now that I’m feeling fewer aches.
  • Write more.
  • Publish a professional article, review, or editorial piece.
  • Go on vacation.
  • Try to go to a professional conference.
  • Keep on going through the bookshelves.

There they are. Nothing extreme or dramatic. I think I can manage.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

3 thoughts on “out with the old”

  1. I wish you all the best with your goals and in the new year. I also want to apologize for not commenting for the last six months or so. I sort of disappeared from the blog world altogether for awhile, posting but not commenting, changing around blogs, etc. It’s been a rough year for me in terms of blogging, but I’m finally getting to where I’m reading blogs (rather than marking all as read) and getting out there connecting with friends again. I have been reading about all the surgery stuff you’ve gone through and I’m glad ot hear things are getting a little better. Sending you lots of hugs, and I really am sorry that I wasn’t there the way I should have been through all that.

    1. Hugs to you too! And I understand completely, it’s been a strange year for me when it came to blogging and commenting as well. Adjusting to life changes drained all my time and energy for a while and disappearing from the web seemed ideal. I guess it’s blogger burn-out :/

      That said, your weight-loss posts have been amazing! I sometimes wish I had been open enough to talk about weight loss when I was going through the process myself.

      1. I wasn’t really open to talking about it until I had made it a good ways in, and after I’d been on Spark long enough that I didn’t feel as self-conscious anymore. I wish I’d been more open from the beginning, but that shame…it’s killer.

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