flavor explosion

I haven’t posted about my Groupon adventures in a while, so here’s an update on my last two flavorful journeys around town.

Earlier this month, I dragged the bchan to Oh! Sushi in Doral, a cute little sushi shop that popped up a few months back. The menu is inexpensive and includes a nice variety of makis, sashimis, cones, and more. A big plus, they offer takoyaki (fried octopus balls), which I have only ever found at local Asian festivals. The sushi was okay, nothing extraordinary, but not bad. We were able to select a few different rolls, including the Happy roll (tuna, salmon, and cucumber), the Crazy (prawn tempura, tuna, chive, sesame, and spicy sauce), and a California roll. We also ordered miso and takoyaki(!!!). By far the best part of the place was the presentation and the ambiance. It is pure kawaii!

Oh! Sushi. Too cute!
Takoyaki!!! Loved it!
The miso comes in adorable little man bowls.
Loved the food presentation. Very colorful and fun.


Last night we got to try another interesting place, The Hot Pot in Hollywood. This place offers an Asian hot pot experience, inviting visitors to prepare a family-style soup meal at their table. I had read mixed reviews about this place, mostly complaining about the cook-it-yourself aspect of hot pots and the amount of food. I have no idea what these reviewers were thinking when they had their food, I found it more than plentiful and loved the idea of a hot pot restaurant. We had the hot pot for four with the hot and sour and house style broths (you get two types), and selected chicken, beef,  and shrimp for our meats; bok choy, mushrooms, and sprouts for our veggies; and rice and rice noodles for our starch. The experience was lots of fun and made me want to go again to try the other items on the menu (there was one giant bag thing that the couple at the next table was having… I don’t know what it was, but it looked intriguing). This is a great place for someone looking for a different experience.

A blurry view of The Hot Pot.
Our hot pot arrives.
Here come our add-ins.
Using my mad chopstick skills to get our soup going.
Delicious results!


Both broths were flavorful, but the hot and sour was by far the best (though not for those who fear a good, strong spice). The pot made more than enough for three people to have seconds and still have nearly two quarts of soup leftover (hello takeout containers!). Definitely want to go here again. Groupon has been good to my wallet and tastebuds, terrible for my waistline 😛 .


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