year in the life

I’m heading out to North Carolina to go on a pre-birthday adventure and it’s got me thinking of all the things I’ve experienced and accomplished this year. Some of my highlights:

  • I had my gallbladder removed once and for all. This was a pretty dramatic experience all around and I will never forget the terrible sensation that I felt when I came to and felt so AWFUL. Still adjusting to the changes, but I feel much better… digestively.
  • I went on my first conference! In May, I took a trip to Orlando all by myself and stayed in a nice hotel and explored everything I could while on my own. It was very liberating and gave me a taste for the independent life.
  • I went on a road-trip to St. Augustine and finally got to see a part of Florida that didn’t involve theme parks. It was kitschy in some areas but still fun.
  • I accomplished one of my resolutions by publishing a review in an academic journal. I’m on my way to becoming a proper academic.
  • I have been writing more. Though it’s not always “creative,” it has been a productive year for non-assignment related writing.
  • I’ve expanded my professional horizons, so to speak, by becoming much more engaged in library events, site maintenance, and other activities, and thinking about things I might do to keep my skills fresh.
  • I planned the NC trip all by myself! It was probably sparked by that independent living bug.
  • I’ve had one too many crises (personal, family, and work-related) and managed to pull through.

A lot more has happened in the last year, but these are some of the areas that I told myself I would work on–including getting out more, particularly out of the state. I hope to accomplish lots more before next year’s birthday.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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