the troubles don’t stop coming

Can 2012 be the worst year ever? I’ve had a few bad years, but this one is really taking it to a new level.* Nothing life-threatening (and for that I am eternally grateful), but the woes, worries, and stressors just keep coming. For one, I’ve had too many kitty issues this year. Why are the kitties making me worry and cry so much?! Then there are the car troubles and bills bills bills. I even had to see my dentist because my unconscious teeth-grinding was making my jaw hurt like mad a couple of weeks ago. I need one good month. Or a mini-break that does not end in me coming home to a brand new batch of trouble (as happened after I returned from my last two vacations).

Gotta just keep breathing. Zen. Yoga. Grrr…. stop teeth-gritting.


*I’m one of those weird academic types who thinks of years in terms of school years rather than Jan-Jan.

Author: gricel d.

writer. librarian. cat lady.

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