NaNo Update 1

First NaNo weekend is done and I’m ahead of the goal :). I’m actually quite surprised at how engaged I am. I’m really feeling the story and the characters I’m creating. I’m working on an urban fantasy idea I jotted down a few years ago while I was working on my other project. It’s really taken a turn, though. It’s becoming much more than I first imagined.

Tomorrow will be my first major challenge… I’ve got a library event scheduled that will consume a lot of my energy. And I haven’t worked out in a few days and am starting to feel the need for a good sweat. Amazingly, it’s not the writing that sidetracked my workout routine.

Resolution as of today: workout and no more sweets until Thanksgiving. I cannot resist the pumpkin pie and that is a fact.


Author: gricel d.

writer. librarian. cat lady.

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