Anúna: 1st Draft post-NaNo update #3

I wrote! Yes! I missed seven whole days worth of writing between the flu, family disasters, and the dizziness that just wouldn’t go away (until it went away, of course). After working so hard to get in the habit of writing every day, it felt like a major let down to not write. I’m starting slow. Wrote a little over a thousand words, which is about an hour worth of writing. Finished up the scene that I had abrubtly abandoned and started the next chapter with a transition. My idea for the chapter is sort of fleshed out. Plotting has been easy with this one, which is more than I can say for my other project (which drove me mad with plotting and figuring out time and sequences of events). I’m going on a weekend trip to Disney and am telling myself that I will take my laptop, but… I’m realizing that’s really wishful thinking. The chances of my wanting to write while on vacation are slim. I’ll take my iPad from work and a notepad and it anything truly brilliant happens, I’ll write it down, but I’m not going to punish myself for this break. I will just promise to catch up on writing during my Christmas break.

And to keep myself accountable, I’m going to continue to post updates and take part in my own Great Noveling Adventure. Really, do check the Noveling Adventure. What they’re doing is fantastic and really inspiring.

Anúna: 1st Draft

About the project

Anúna is an adult, urban fantasy novel about rival Faerie Queens, fierce warriors, magic, mayhem, and the occasional latté. It is still in the writing stage.

You can read my updates by following the Anuna tag.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

3 thoughts on “Anúna: 1st Draft post-NaNo update #3”

  1. I’m SO thrilled you’ll be adventuring along with us! Sometimes we all just need that extra little push to get going, and I’ll be rooting for you. 🙂

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