Anúna: 1st Draft post-NaNo update #5

A final toast t0 2012, and here’s looking to weeks of editing! Anúna draft 1 is complete! Yes! I didn’t meet my Christmas deadline, but I’ve been writing like mad for the last three days to meet my revised, year end deadline, and it paid off 🙂 . I clocked in at an estimated 85, 282 words. That’s 286 double-spaced pages. It’s a first draft and right now I am perfectly pleased with it. That will change, but it in this moment nothing can tear me down.

I also found a song that finally made me go, “Yes! That’s the one!” In lieu of a writing playlist, this is the song that drove me to finish this thing before midnight.


Anúna: 1st Draft – Status: Complete

About the project

Anúna is an adult, urban fantasy novel about rival Faerie Queens, fierce warriors, magic, mayhem, and the occasional latté. It is still in the writing stage.

You can read my updates by following the Anuna tag.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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