Adventures in editing, part 1

I’m a bit behind on my self-assigned editing schedule, but I just finished editing the first 5 chapters and will start making those changes on my digital draft tomorrow. I normally edit my “professional” writing straight on Word with track changes, but there’s something about editing fiction that is easier in print. I like being able to write in the margins and flip around as I take notes.

I’ve made some cuts and removed a few elements that didn’t add much to the story as a whole, but I know I will need a reader at some point to get some action/plot feedback. That’s kind of nerve-wracking. I have no idea where to begin with finding someone I trust as a reader. I respond well to critique, it’s something I learned to deal with in grad school, but who can I find who will be willing to spare the time to read Anúna? I don’t know where to start with that request.

Ugh! Too much to think about.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

4 thoughts on “Adventures in editing, part 1”

  1. Not to put you on the spot, or anything, but I would be very willing to read Anuna when you’re ready for a reader.
    I know exactly what you mean about it being nerve wracking. I’ve come close several times to posting an ad in one of those “meet your cp” forums, but I chicken out every time. My own wip, An Unnatural Dark, is still in the drafting phase so maybe I’ll get the nerve when it’s been through at least one round of revisions.

  2. Sweet! Personally, I think it’s easier to have strangers read my work than people I know. We follow eachother on Twitter (I’m @blackeyedsue21) so you can just dm me when you need my info. 🙂

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