Adventures in editing, pt. 3

I’m averaging 5 pages worth of edits (print to digital) an hour, but only managing to get in about an hour or two of edits on weekdays. It feels like trudging along at a snail’s pace, but I know I’m making the story better with every change. Gotta keep myself going. I’m still trying to work out the whole living on my own/fending for myself and writing bit. It’s very time-consuming to manage on one’s own.

I’ve also noticed that I haven’t said much about the plot, I guess because I was still trying to work some of that out by re-writing, but I think I’ve got it pretty much squared away now. The blurb I’ve been using sums up the idea of the novel as a story about two rival Faerie Queens, but it’s about more than that… Anúna and Siobhan are twins, a rare thing in my version of the Other realm. Unwilling to choose one daughter over the other, the King names them both Queen of the family Clan… but when one sister doesn’t like to share troubles are sure to arise. There are secret plots and deadly assassins and sexytimes galore (okay, not galore, it’s not that kind of book), and even a touch of the ol’ self-actualization.

And right now, I’m dying to finish editing it so I can finally get some reader feedback! Ugh, editing is the worst. *says the girl who wanted to be a professional editor*

I’ll try to vlog again soon. I’m still relying on a borrowed connection while I wait for my internets to be activated.


Anúna: 1st Draft


About the project

Anúna is an adult, urban fantasy novel about rival Faerie Queens, fierce warriors, magic, mayhem, and the occasional latté. It is still in the writing stage.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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