Adventures in re-writing, part 2

CampNaNoWrimo has taught two incredibly important things about my writing. 

1. Sometimes re-writing is the only way to revise a story.

2. After much whining and hand-wringing, I have to accept that Cassiel really is a historical novel. I’m doing myself a disservice as a writer by copping out with an alternate universe setting. Victorian England, be kind to me. It’s been a while since I’ve delved into your histories.


Much thanks to @alexyuschik and @JennyPerinovic for wise words and reality checks ❤

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

2 thoughts on “Adventures in re-writing, part 2”

  1. I’m convinced that re-writing is always the only way to revise a story. It was a depressing lesson to learn, but it’s improved the quality of my finished products quite a bit.

    Also, the picture of the stack of books is lovely. Boy do I was home reading right now!

  2. I always rewrite… then I tend to rewrite yet again, and then again.. until I finally feel that my story is at least mostly finished. I am one of those who writes a little and each time through adds more and more detail. In learning this I have really broadened my scope of writing.

    Now I know that most people dread revising and rewriting, but I LOVE it! And I know that half the battle is finding it fun… *grins* now that is not to say there are not times when I hate it… but, I really do enjoy rewriting, almost more than writing even! I actually can’t wait to get through this first writing of my current work, (which I will later call my Outline) to dive headfirst into the marvelous rewrite!

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