weekend crafting

Another weekend crafting project complete! Crafting helps me relax and refresh my brain for writing, so I’ve been incorporating more of it into my weekend routine. This Saturday, I made a run to Michael’s for some poster supplies, but ended up finding a nice wood wall plaque instead. This is a quick project, but the results are lovely. All you need is a wooden plaque of your choice (cost: $1.99)–they come in various shapes and sizes–and some craft paint. If you want to get fancy (ooh la la!) you can varnish to make it shine and protect the finish. I used Martha Stewart high gloss and glitter craft paints, Painters’ markers (for the gold and silver outlines), a regular black Sharpie, and a coat of Dermacoat satin varnish.

I painted on two coats of the base color, wrote out my quote, outlined it in silver and gold (smearing it while wet to create the gilded effect), then traced it in black. I had the stencils lying around from an old project, so I used those for the design on the side (tracing and filling it in with the paint markers and sharpie). The border was painted in a light lavender before applying a coat of glitter paint and outlining it all with a gold paint marker. Varnish and done!

 photo 100_5057_zps70ea483b.jpg

 photo 100_5062_zps9c9edec5.jpg

A quick and easy weekend project. For inspiration, look to the Romantics. They’re full of inspiring words.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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