in which I am a clumsy creature

My morning has been plagued by an attack of the clumsies. Dropped my $20 under the car seat during my trip to the gas station and had to crawl around, nearly straining my shoulder to fish it out. In my haste, I dropped my sunglasses on the car seat and forgot to move them before getting back in. I now have no sunglasses to protect me from the glaring Florida sunshine.

I them arrived at work early… too early as there was no one else around to let me in to the office (I work between campuses, but only have the key to my “home” base). I’m squatting among the students and feeling terribly self-concious as I click away on my laptop as it’s the last day of finals and students are stir-crazy.

I am taking comfort in a soy latte. I vowed to cut my latte addiction last month (and I did), but this one feels warranted.

On the bright side, it looks like there was a tiny increase in my earnings. Just a little one, but much appreciated as my rent just went up.

Serenity now.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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