the view from Sunday: lazying around and tarting it up

In an effort to update more frequently, I’m reviving last year’s failed post series (failed because I never posted): the view from Sunday (or, what do I do with myself when I have the day off).

Today saw the start of my Whole30 adventure, which meant I wanted to murder someone by 3 o’clock (no chocolate allowed), but I digress…

Caramel loaf promptly claimed his spot near the window as soon as the bed was made.

I made some of my fancy French tea, flavored with fruits from Versailles (ooh la la!) and tried to keep myself from reaching for anything sweet (harder than I thought and it’s only day 1!)

Did some mad cleaning (powered by tea) and set the diffuser to work… kill the stink! (I got this one on Amazon for about $25 I believe)

Then, cue the sexy time sounds, I ordered my May VIP box from Adore Me. These are my three most recent sets (the quality is on par with anything I’ve purchased at VS and better priced). Not weird at all… In January, I decided that I was over my plain underpanty business. I don’t need to wait for a special day; I can make any day special.

The rest of the day culminated in writing, food, cleaning, food, more cleaning, and a walk. I promise these posts will be more thought-out in future (though, perhaps, less risque).

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

2 thoughts on “the view from Sunday: lazying around and tarting it up”

  1. I’ve found that Adore Me is fairly similarly priced to VS and gives me more options now that I’m getting really plus sized again, though the quality isn’t always as good. Still, I’ve enjoyed the couple options I’ve gotten so far.

    1. I tried True&Co (claims to provide the best size for your shape), but the bras were dreadfully uncomfortable and never fit right (also, bad return service and no exchanges on clearance). I feel like I’m over VS. My last few buys have warped or ripped after a few months, not good. I’ve been happy with the fit of Adore Me so far.

      On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 4:32 PM, marginalia and such wrote:


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