vlog: About Me

I’ve been blogging for so long, it’s easy to forget that readers come and go. I figure, introductions are in order 🙂

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Latest successes: Figured out the custom thumbnail feature! Upgraded my SD card for HD filiming! Slowly getting there…

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

4 thoughts on “vlog: About Me”

  1. So I knew a lot of that already, but hello! Nice to meet you (again)! 😀 Sorry your camera died. I hate when that kind of thing happens! You handled it well. 🙂 Also, I love the Cuban accent on the Spanish. Around here we have a lot of variants of Mexican accents, and it’s actually very funny to watch my youngest son, who was in a dual-language program in elementary school, speak Spanish because he has a flawless Mexican accent and he’s pasty-pale white. 😀

    1. That’s awesome! A lot of Miami kids can barely speak Spanish, let alone manage the accent. Cuban Spanish is super fast, we also slur some letters, like the S (I actually caught myself doing it in the video).

      On Fri, May 20, 2016 at 9:04 AM, marginalia and such wrote:


  2. Ahh, your Spanish accent! It reminds me of the Espana accent–I didn’t know Cuban Spanish did something similar with the “s” sounds! (I’m so surprised I could understand what you said. I’ve studied Spanish for 7 years, but didn’t know my comprehension was actually decent!)

    Yoga has made me spiritual too, and I haven’t been a spiritual person at all throughout my life.

    I’m looking forward to more of your vlogs. 🙂 Thanks for the introduction! Nice to meet you.

    1. I’d never thought of it that way, but I suppose you’re right 🙂 proper Spanish has a very sibilant sound to me. Love that you could understand it, I thought about translating, but wanted it to be natural.

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