June goals

I’ve been getting into the habit of writing down my goals for the month on an index card. It’s quick and easy, and keeps me grounded when I need a reminder. June’s goals are not very different from May’s goals, but they help to keep me motivated.
 photo junegoals_zpsol2mguuz.png

  • Finish draft rewrite (on target and toying with a possible title)
  • Reintroduce foods after Whole30 (starts today)
    • Legumes: peanuts, maybe beans when it feels worth it (mostly because I already know how those make me feel)
    • Non-gluten grains: oats, maybe some corn chips (already have issues digesting raw corn), rice
    • Dairy: full-fat yogurt or frozen yogurt as a treat, maybe some hard cheese or mozzarella (like the beans and corn, I already know how these make me feel)
    • Gluten grains: maybe some bread, a croissant or something similar. I’m not in a rush to reintroduce processed carbs.
  • Walk, walk, walk – running just hurts too much and my knees/hips can’t handle it anymore. I’ve progressed up to 3 mile walks a few times a week, with shorter walks during lunch time.
  • Yoga! – My practice suffered a bit in May because of other commitments and time constraints, but I’m working on a 3 day schedule.
  • Blog/vloggy goodness will continue 🙂
  • Relax! – I’ll be turning 32 this month (!) and I’m taking a mini-break to celebrate before going to ALA for the weekend. As soon as the draft is done, I’m catching up on all the books and shows 🙂 🙂 🙂

What are your June goals?

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

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