video: February bullet journal!

Another month, another bujo spread! 🙂

My spreads keep changing, but that’s what I love about this method—the ease and adaptability. Take a peek inside my February spread, along with some reflections on last month’s spread, and an intro to my new day log (who am I kidding? It’s a diary. Long story, but one that I hope to share soon).

Keep an eye out for the promised closet tour next Friday.

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

5 thoughts on “video: February bullet journal!”

  1. OMG. I literally *just* discovered the bullet journal method and I’m trying it out for February. So far, I really like how the system can integrate all the random things I like to write down: lists, ideas, things I need to get done. How long have you been bullet journaling?

    I like how colorful your journal is, and how you put some effort into decorating it a little. 🙂 Mine is super utilitarian: I had bought a cheap 3 subject notebook months ago to keep track of various to-do lists, and I only used a few pages. So I ripped them out and started this system instead. Everything is in black ink, haha. I like looking at other people’s pretty decorated journals on Instagram, but I’m not into decorating mine so much. It’s really just a place to organize the mess inside my head, haha.

    Just started a new page for scheduling and planning my blog posts, great idea! I need something to hold me accountable when I feel too lazy to write a post.

    1. I wish I could say the color’s are intentional, but it’s really the result of laziness and a pen addiction 🙂

      I started in September. I found a moleskine journal on clearance and thought I’d give it a try, instead of buying another spendy refill for my planner. So far, I really like it. I blocked off about 20 pages at the back for a braindump and use it to keep lists of things and ideas for posts that I might want to write one day. The monthly blog plan is something I started about two months ago and I really like it, but I should probably use a pencil for that one (I’m constantly changing my mind). I started using gel highlighters and calligraphy pens for the sake of using up my stash, and they make it look like I’m actually trying.

      1. Gel highlighters?? I’ve never heard of this!!

        I actually recently bought a set of 100 gel pens from Costco, but they’re more for coloring. But I might use them in my journal too, just to jazz things up a bit. 😉

      2. Ooh, those look pretty. I rarely use highlighters, but the concept looks useful. I hate highlighting over gel pens because it smears the ink all over the place. 😦

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