life: work. time. pcos.

Hello. Long time. Yeah, that happened. All schedules out the window; my head is awhirl with deadlines and documents, and no space for all the rest. Still working on promotion, still gathering evidence and examples. My NaNo project is on a slow roll, but progressing in between all the rest. Meanwhile, my home is a mess and my financial fast is not so fast. With all that’s happening, side goals have taken a step back.

In other news, I most likely have some form of PCOS, but my appointment was rescheduled just as I was driving to the office… so the official diagnosis will have to wait. I suspected. I have several of the symptoms, and my weight has been settling in odd places (odd for me). I want a diagnosis, but I don’t want to take hormones or metformin (for reasons I won’t go into, but it involves dependence, band-aid fixes, and other health issues that won’t jive with the treatment). I’m researching all I can, tracking my fertility (no babies! I want nothing to do with that!), and looking into medical research on supplements and other types of nutritional support (library with med school database access = librarian on the hunt!). Just received my latest order from Vitacost and a book from amazon, so it’s a sort of PCOS-inspired haul.

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And my book arrived too! #pcosdiet #pcos #research

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I’m going to try this, look into other books for ideas, and rely on the Whole30/paleo as the basis for my eating habits. I seem to do well on a paleo-inspired diet, though I’ve not been the best at maintaining a strict protocol in recent months.

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3 thoughts on “life: work. time. pcos.”

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually had any cysts. My doctors have never found it worth checking, since I have 90% of the other PCOS symptoms. They said that cysts come and go, so it depends on if you have one the day of the ultrasound, so it can be a false negative. Better to do hormone testing, which is what they did instead. (My sister, notably, also has PCOS and had an ultrasound done that found a cyst larger than her ovary. Three weeks later, they checked again and it was completely gone. They speculate that she grows a new cyst with every cycle.)
    Also, don’t be bullied into the Metformin. It can help keep insulin under control, but won’t better the insulin resistance. I take a low dose of it, but others I know with PCOS can’t take it because it causes their blood sugar to drop TOO much. I’m interested in those supplements and look forward to seeing how they work for you.

    1. I had a couple of cysts in my 20s, but they dissolved and no real change in symptoms, but I’ve seen some serious increase in male pattern hair growth, my energy is shot, and my weight has started to creep up, mostly around my arms and thighs. I watched a video by Rachel Aust (a youtube trainer), who was diagnosed with PCOS after she noticed weight creeping up on her arms as well, and it got me thinking about my own symptoms. Started to suspect then, but when I had my physical, my hormones came back “normal” (though, really, what’s normal?). Things have been weird for a while, so I’ve started my own research to try to find alternative solutions. My doctor is pretty good about listening to my needs, so I’m hoping she’ll be open to further testing and alternatives.
      I found info on the inositol (it’s a form of b8) after one of my colleagues suggested B-complex for migraines. Did more digging on hormone balancing and found lots of research on inositol to help insulin resistance, androgen balance, and cholesterol regulation in women with PCOS. Most of it was through my library’s medical databases, but there’s some good info online that sums it up. This article does a good job of detailing the studies and results:
      Most of the research suggests 12 weeks to 6 months to see results, so I’ll keep you updated. The powder is flavorless and dissolves instantly in water. Looks like I’ll need 2 servings per day (according to the studies), but the dose is small and the jar should last for months. I figure, it can’t hurt to try.

  2. Great read, and very well put together! I have had PCOS for about 4 years and this is definitely what it sounds like, but I could always be wrong. PCOS isn’t just cysts on your ovaries, its a hormone imbalance too. I just made a post about my whole PCOS journey if you would like to read it! I wish you good luck on your journey, I am definitely a new follower!

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