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Howl’s Moving Castle

In preparation for the next episode of the Bluestocking Circle Podcast, I re-read and re-watched Howl’s Moving Castle and fell in love anew. It’s been some years since I consumed (hehe, Howl joke) either of these works and I adore them still.


Ilia tinted lip conditioner in Pink Moon (Sephora)

I had some Sephora credit and decided to give this a try… it was well worth the impulse. The color is just the right amount of bright berry lip and it’s not too heavy or dramatic for a daytime/work look.



The Bluestocking Circle Podcast Episode 6: Pushing Daisies

In which we discuss the right balance between fantasy and realism in romance, the rise and fall of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and the legal and ethical ramifications of drugged pies. All this and more as the Bluestockings discuss the TV series Pushing Daisies.

You can also listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Podomatic. Or follow us everywhere @bluesoxcircle


(so I like making weird faces…)


I made a board for the podcast and it is a thing of beauty 🙂

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romance writer and bibliophile

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Loves & Latest”

  1. You make me want to read Howl (again). Have you tried the audiobook? I adore the reader (Jenny Sterlin) as long as I have her sped up to normal speaking speed.

    1. ​I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I’ve never listened to an audiobook. This actually sounds like a good choice for a first time 🙂 There’s so much of the story I missed the first time, reading it again revealed so many elements I glossed over.​

      On Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 8:47 PM, marginalia and such wrote:


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