video: thyroid and PCOS symptoms

An update on my health, past and current thyroid and PCOS-related symptoms, and answers to some frequently asked questions. Want to know more? Drop it in the comments! I’m happy to share what I can.

Author: emilia grace

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2 thoughts on “video: thyroid and PCOS symptoms”

  1. I have so many of those same symptoms, but all my thyroid tests (they always want to test them) come back normal. I worry that I have hashimoto’s, because apparently that can pass under the radar of normal thyroid tests, but so far no diagnosis. In the meantime, I think it’s interesting that you’ve been diagnosed PCOS on ultrasound alone – I’ve never had an ultrasound at all and I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten any ovarian cysts, but I have a definite diagnosis of PCOS based on hormones, hair growth patterns, insulin resistance, fatigue, etc. My PCOS doctors over the last few years (multiple since we had all those moves) have said that you don’t even need to show cysts to be diagnosed. The good thing is that because I know what’s going on now, I’ve been able to keep things fairly well under control. Last time I was checked, my cortisol levels were fine, my estrogen was normal and coming from the right parts of my body, my insulin level is way down and almost normal again. The only thing is that my progesterone is so low that I’m in post-menopausal levels at 39 years old, when I’m definitely not menopausal. Probably early-onset perimenopausal, but still. I take more labs at the end of the month and I’m sure my dr is going to prescribe more progesterone again, but the stuff always makes me very sick so I’m not sure where to go next. But really it does come down to listening to your body a lot. Paleo worked really well for me but wasn’t sustainable for many reasons, and I can’t eat mostly vegetarian because the carb-levels make me very sick (I have to keep under 40% of my diet for carbs). Mostly I just try not to eat much in the way of sugar and I keep my protein up between 20-25% of my diet. Then I do okay. But it really is tough and I wish they’d figure out what’s the root of all these symptoms!

    thank you for doing these videos. They really do help!

    1. I had one doctor diagnose me on hair growth alone, but I was NOT satisfied with that at all. My mom had a cyst burst when she was 26, so I always suspected cysts because of the family history, but I’m still not 100% satisfied with my diagnosis. Sigh. I’m pretty sure I have some estrogen dominance issues (mom always had elevated estrogen before menopause), but my doc just won’t give me a clear answer when I ask about my levels. Because thyroid dysfunction affects hormones, I’m almost certain I have thyroid-induced PCOS symptoms rather than classic PCOS, though I wish I had a real diagnosis. Looking back, I find that going paleo-ish led to disordered eating behaviors that I didn’t even suspect at the time. After the first three months or so, my digestion was way off and everything felt too heavy and hard to digest. I’ve been using MFP to track my protein intake and get at least 50g on most days, up to 100 if I add at least one meat meal, or a protein shake. I can’t say it’s made a difference on my weight, but my digestion has improved. It is carb heavy, but I think I’ve always leaned into carbs a bit more than protein, regardless of my diet.

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