video: off the shelf reviews – battle of the budget books

I’ve been on a financial planning/budgeting kick for a few months. I want to make 2019 the year I up my investing game and the first place to start is research. Here are four of the best books I’ve read so far — these are practical, useful, and provide just enough insight to help you get started on a debt-free journey, and detailed enough to help a first time investor understand the finance lingo.


The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
Women and Money by Suze Orman
Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry
The Financial Diet: A Total Beginner’s Guide to Getting Good with Money by Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage

What are your favorite budget/finance books? Comment below! I’m always looking for recommendations.

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4 thoughts on “video: off the shelf reviews – battle of the budget books”

  1. I love The 21-Day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedom by Michelle Singletary. It is a great way to take true baby steps toward learning to save money, cut impulse spending, and change your outlook on money. I also really like Total Money Makeover. Money Diaries by Refinery 29 had some helpful bits. Money Diaries was cool because it show’s women’s spending for a week in their life. The only downside is most of the women’s incomes and spending habits were not relatable for readers with lower incomes. Great post!

    1. I read similar complaints about the Money Diaries, especially the ones where it was obvious that the income was being supplemented by a well-to-do parent. I’ll add the 21-Day Fast to my list; I haven’t read that one yet.

  2. Thought provoking post thank you. I do find it hard to purchase a book about budgeting when my budget doesn’t allow for it 😀 I like reading articles on blogs and forming my own idea from the combinations of posts. In NZ we have a free website that serves as a great planning on ramp. it has a lot of nz content but people may find it helpful. Interesting topic! Thank you. Stacey

    1. Check your local library! I paid $0 for these books. Used book sales are another option for cheaper access, but I always support free access when possible.

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