makeup capsule: week of 2.2.20


This week I’ll be using:

  • Twinkle * Apothecary the Stain on cheeks – this is a perfect flush
  • Twinkle * Apothecary bronzing balm – to highlight my cheekbones (also works as a blush for me)
  • RMS uncoverup 22 – for concealing
  • Wet N’ Wild Retractable Brow Pencil – for ze brows
  • Kosås lipstick in Royal – a plummy rose shade
  • Twinkle * Apothecary Mulholland perfume – a lovely flower-based scent that dries down to a powdery jasmine

A streamlined #makeupcapsule this week. Why? Because my eyes were nearly shut on Saturday morning and I think I finally found the culprit behind the eye dermatitis I had last year….

dun dun dun


Yep. Brushes, not shadows. For nearly 9 months, I stopped using eye shadow (hence, my failed #projectpan), thinking I was allergic to an ingredient in the shadows.

A few months ago, I picked up some new brands and bought some Morphe brushes.  This time, no dermatitis. I thought it was over, all healed.

Not so.

On Friday, I switched to one of my old elf brushes (one I hadn’t touched in months) and BAM swollen eyelids and what looked like contact dermatitis up to my brow bone. I’m a delicate flower and allergic to sooo many things. I suspect a fiber in the synthetic bristles is the culprit, so I’m putting these in quarantine, but I’m pretty sure I have my answer.


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