Hurricane or no hurricane? The cone forecast leaves much to be desired.

I remember being a kid and loving tropical storm days, it’s like snow days for Floridians. When did I realize that even a “light” tropical storm could cause a lot of damage? These things scare me like nothing else… except tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.


a hard day’s night

I am so tired that it took about five tries before I was able to correctly enter my WP login info…

I’m going to go out like a very out think in a moment, but before I log off…

I finally managed to get Em’s blog up and running… It’s a Blogger powered blog, but it’s my very first original Blogger-ready layout. Am quite pleased actually and glad that Em likes it. Just a few minor glitches to work out, but that’s for a later day.


to tick no more

I have a Powerpuff Girls alarm clock that I have owned since I was in sixth grade. I bought it when the Warner Bros. Studio Store was an actual mall store, not just a web store. It’s cute, it’s tiny, it makes a hell of sound when it goes off… but not anymore. The timepiece works just fine, but the alarm has gone out. It made a feeble attempt a few weeks ago, but now it makes one beep and gives up. This sad little clock has to be put to rest. So… now I need a new alarm clock, but I can’t find anything that I like. Everything is digital. I hate digital clocks. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but digital clocks are not my style. Where can I find a proper clock?!?! Not a desk clock, those are lovely, but they have no alarms. A real, analog alarm clock. And not a plain little black boxy thing either. This is like a quest for some near-mythical object; it is not to be found.

where’s george?

In January I found a dollar with a link to the “Where’s George?” currency tracking project, so I entered it and found that I was the first person to register the bill (it looked really crisp and clean, so it must have been fairly new). Yesterday, I received an email letting me know that my bill had been entered again, this time in Louisianna… It traveled 649 miles to get there, I wonder what happened in between, that’s quite a few states that it had to cross. It’s kind of neat 🙂

buzzing around

Am keeping busy busy busy. My boss and my friend tell me that the footie kids love me… I just thought they were forced to sign up for my sessions because my hours are more convenient and fit in nicely with their practice schedules. Kind of reassuring to know that they’re saying good things about me when they meet with my boss to discuss their progress. It’s always interesting to discuss student writing, you learn so much about the writer, especially when they have to write personal response essays. It’s almost like a character study. Although, this is probably a sign that I’ve been too immersed in studying literary characters…

Speaking of literary characters, the thesis is starting to look like a proper book. No more worries about passing the minimum page requirement, I reached 50 pages long ago and kept going. 80 is looking more and more likely. 80 was my original goal… 100 is the max… I may have to cut if I keep producing such long chapters.

It’s such a new feeling having all these responsibilities. I took over our student organization (it was something of a lark, I didn’t really think no one else would offer to do it), so I’ve been creating budgets and planning events and dates, meeting with the director, making phonecalls to offices all around campus, and generally doing leader type things. Never thought I’d end up in a leadership position, but there it is.


I put the Whipped Cream fanlisting up for adoption during “The Great Fanlisting Adopt-Out of ’06”. It was one of my favorites, but it received more joins than I could handle at the time, so I let it go. However, a couple of weeks ago I received an email from Jessica, asking if I would care to have it back, as she was no longer able to care for it. So I did… and here it is:

Delightful: The Whipped Cream Fanlisting

I’m using Enthusiast for this one (because that’s what Jessica used), but I’ll probably be converting it to Bellabuffs as soon as work slows down. Enthusiast may be convenient, but Bellabuffs is so nicely organized and user-friendly.

double sighted

Oh, the joys of optometry. My optometrist ran some more tests yesterday to find out what is wrong with my vision, so I spent all day with my pupils nicely dilated (which explains why I am writing about this a day later). Turns out I have one of those curious cases where each eye is doing something different. My left eye is far-sighted and my right eye is near-sighted, hence, why I am able to see things clearly from far away when I close my right eye (but which makes for terrible driving and leads people to think that you are making googly eyes at them).

I now have a proper prescription, and an extra pair of glasses (so that I don’t have to panic when I’m getting ready for work/school and can’t remember where I last placed them). If all goes well, the headaches should become less severe in a couple of weeks. And my eye muscles should relax and relearn how to focus without assistance.

work oddities

I feel like Ross in that episode of “Friends” when he moved into a new building and the building association was hosting a party for a neighbor that was moving away and they wanted him to pitch in for the party, but he had never met the person being honored … Well, right now I’m in a similar situation. I just started this new job 2 weeks ago and they’re hosting a party for a coordinator that is leaving, but she’s been out of the office during these last 2 weeks… so I’ve never had anything to do with this person. Sure, I’ll pitch in and give my share, but it seems silly when I have no relationship with her and I’m not at work during the hour when the party is being held.

not nearly short-sighted enough

Visited my optometrist yesterday (I love him, he takes the time to explain everything) to see about the blurry vision and the headaches that won’t go away. I had myopia when I was about 5, so I thought it might be returning, though it came on so suddenly that it seemed a little surreal–one day my vision was fine, the next it’s all double when I look into the distance. It seems I was right, it was too sudden to be real myopia. It turns out that I have a sort of “false myopia”… meaning that I’ve been spending so many hours reading and staring at my computer screen in order to finish my thesis that the strain of looking at print has made my eyes accustomed to focusing only on things that are close at hand. It’s almost like the muscles have forgotten how to loosen up and look at the big picture. My treatment… spend at least 3 hours a week not doing anything text related. No reading, no writing, no computer related anything. In short, just relax and let my eyes take a break from looking at print. It’s like a punishment.

Yesterday, I sat for an hour in the student lounge and did nothing. I had to restrain the urge to reach for one of my books and just veg. All my friends are being very smug… they’ve been telling me to relax for a while. Mostly, I think they’re trying to coerce me into joining them on their outings (I’m looking at you Miss Em). Looks like I’m going to have to give in to their demands.

mishaps abound

I’ve had two days filled with mishaps and all sorts of would-be-funny-if-it-weren’t-happening-to-me moments. I take my own meals to school (now work) to avoid the lines and the expense. This usually works well, I need to have something on hand because all the food places on campus are a  30 minute walk away from where I am located, and I don’t have a real break, so I need to take advantage of any lulls. Yesterday, I was doing just that, so I went to the kitchen to heat up my dinner… and I dropped it. Not a drop could be saved.

So that was mishap #1. Mishap #2 occurred this afternoon and it was awful.

Before leaving for work, I noticed that a storm was brewing. I assumed I was heading away from the storm, but I was really heading right into it. In fact, the worst of it seemed to be located right where I was going. I could see all the lightning and I started doing that counting thing (you know, the one where you count the seconds between the spark and the sound to determine the distance of the storm). There was no pause between strikes, I was right in the middle of it. I was just trying to beat it, hoping to get into the Center before it strengthened. No such luck. I was trapped in my car for 20 minutes, near panicking with the lightning and the rain and the gales that kept shaking my terribly shaky little car, until I decided to risk it and make a dash across the parking lot. And landed in calf-high water when I stepped out. I was soaked. Wet wet wet. Soggy shoes, socks, and pants (not to mention the parts of me that my miniscule umbrella was unable to cover while I waded through the lake that was the parking lot). I was saved because the office was warm today. Wet and freezing would have been too much. I am sure I looked quite comical splashing and yelling (there were a number of “bloody hells” and perhaps a few “arrs” — I channel britcoms and pirate movies when peeved), but I was too wet to find the humor in it.