Anúna: 1st Draft post-NaNo update #2

The flu did me in so that I was barely able to move, let alone get any writing done during the last four days. I had one really great burst of writing the morning before my symptoms started up, and then I had some pretty interesting hallucinations involving writing while I was under the influence of just about every cold remedy in my medicine cabinet, but no actual progress was made after that. A complete first draft by Dec 25 is looking less likely. My energy is still nonexistent and I’m taking a trip to Disney this weekend with the boy (unless something terrible happens… please, don’t), so I’m thinking my progress is going to remain pretty stagnant. But the will remains!

Nevertheless, during my semi-OCDish review of my twitter feed while languishing in bed, I saw a challenge posted by the NaNo moderators, urging Wrimos to write a dust cover blurb for their novel. Somehow, I grabbed pen and paper and wrote this down.

Two Queens, One Throne. A Tale of Magic and Treachery.

Twins born to the King and Queen of Clan Siggel, Anúna and Siobhan were destined to rule the Clan as one. When Siobhan’s desire for power leads her to view Anúna as an enemy and a usurper, it is up to Anúna to fly or fight. Magic, romance, danger, and murder abound as Anúna struggles to restore balance to the Other realm and regain what was hers.

Whoever said sisters are supposed to be the best of friends?

It doesn’t say much… but I’m still working on how to tell people about it. And that’s one of the major challenges of being a writer, right? Just learning how to talk about what you’re writing. It’s an urban fantasy. It’s mostly set between New York and what I alternately call the Other realm, Faerie, or the Ethereal Lands (the final term will probably be the Other realm. It’s one of the things that I knew I would be changing while I was writing). And it’s about power (and those who seek it *insert mad cackle*), and Anúna finding her way and challenging her sister. It’s also very much what I hope is a modern fantasy with strong female characters. I want no wilting flowers here. And it’s still a ways away from being finished, though I do know where it’s going… I kind of can’t wait to get there. I’ve found that I’m a bit of a sadist when it comes to doing bad things to my characters. What fun!

And, yes, they’re Queens, not princesses.


Where it stands: 1st Draft

Post-NaNoWriMo update #1

I’m writing, but it’s not pretty. I’ve got germy people all ’round and a massive bruise on my shin (tripped while getting into the shower). I’m in a losing battle with my body. And let us not speak of other things that are bringing me down, they are of an unspeakable nature. I’ve also found that I can’t keep my NaNo writing binge going at full speed. For one, my lunchtime has been lost to finals week reference madness! Last month, I was managing about 40 minutes of writing a day during my break, but I’m back to sneaking a quick bite between projects and reference sessions :(. I’m mostly writing in the evenings now, which always affects my productivity. It’s like working two jobs  and finding that I’m my own worst boss. I’ve also been trying to sneak in reading time for pending reviews, and workout sessions to make up for bad behavior (i.e. holiday party treats). I need a holiday. A real one this time.

*grumble grumble*

I’m crampy and moody and Anúna is making my head hurt.

NaNo update #4

I did it! I just ran the draft through the validator and came out with a whopping 53,158 words (that’s about 1,000 shy of my Office word count). I’m so excited and proud of myself for sticking to it. I’m really jazzed about finishing it. I’m building up to my climax now and don’t want to lose my momentum, so I’m going to push myself to stick with my writing schedule before I let any academic side projects take me away from creative writing. I’m loving this! aaaaah! I’m a bit too hyped up right now. Gotta go! Need to save and back up!

I’m a Winner!

A writing milestone

On the eve before NaNo, I finished Secret Project #1.

It’s called Cassiel, though that’s just the working title I gave it when I started in 2006. Yes, 6 years of on again, off again writing. I started right before I entered grad school (the first time), and worked on it steadily for that first year, then I just stopped. I had too much to do between school, thesis drafting, and work, and it seemed like something that could easily wait. And it did.

A couple of years after I started the project, I had about 10 chapters sitting in a folder, so I edited and charted out all the details so I could start writing again. Then I stopped again. It was time for grad school, part 2.

Last July, school was finally over. I would have professional and academic drains on my time. I would have to juggle a full time job and a relationship, but writing was suddenly something that I wanted to spend time on—even on days when it seemed like my time was compartmentalized into a crazy schedule of workout, go to work, go home, eat, write, sleep. I wrote. I took breaks and told myself I needed time off, but I kept coming back to it and plowing away.

Then I told myself I would take part in NaNo this year, and start working on one of those other secret projects I had stashed away in my writing folder. I gave myself until November to finish what I had started. I would not be working on two projects simultaneously, ain’t no way, ain’t no how. So I finished. Draft 1.5 at least.

It’s long, to start. Too long, so I will have to do some major revisions. And I know my voice changed halfway through the writing process. The writer who started this novel is not the writer who finished. My voice changed, how I write changed, and this work will change again before it is really worth shopping. But, for now, I will let out a long, contented sigh, and wait to tally up my word count (well over the 100,000 mark, so far as I can estimate) and make editing decisions. Maybe I’ll even start looking for a reader (a daunting thought for someone who refused to let anyone even see her work when she was writing).

This is one resolution I can scratch off my list 🙂

Now, for Project #2.