pieces of me… flickr style!

The flickr mosaic meme: (filched from cleo)

01. Answer each of the questions below the cut using the [Flickr] search engine. (ETA: I’ve changed the URL so it will automatically search “Most Interesting” for you.)
02. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
03. Copy the URL of your favorite photos [here].
04. Then share with the world.

01. First Name: Gricel. Kind of hard to find, so I searched for “graceful”. I love that this image is all green and serene.

02. Favorite Food: Cold sesame noodles. I love noodles in general, but these are a special treat.

03. Hometown: Miami, FL. What does this poor bedraggled bird have to do with Miami… absolutely nothing! But it came up in the search and I thought it was fantastic.

04. Favorite Color: Purple. I love purple, it’s such a rich, ostentatious color.

05. Celebrity Crush: Kate Winslet is my celebrity girlcrush. Why not a male crush? Because I don’t particularly admire any male celebs :/

06. Favorite Drink: tea. It’s what makes you British when you’re not 😛

07. Dream Holiday: Edinburgh, Scotland. I spent a day there during the Great British Adventure of ’05 and can’t wait to go back.

08. Favorite Dessert: Pumpkin Pie. Like the sesame noodles, I eat it so rarely that it’s extra special to me.

09. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: I want to a) be surrounded by books, b) write.

10. What I Love Most In The World: I can’t say exactly, but I love reading in the sun on a lazy day.

11. One Word That Describes Me: Bookish. Well, I am.

12. My LiveJournal Name: _acciobrain. From the scene in the Department of Mysteries when Ron says, “Accio Brain!” so Weasly cakes were apropos.

1. Meeting the pregnant princess of the forest, 2. Cold Sesame Noodles, 3. Are you friend or foe?, 4. he loves me/he loves me not., 5. Metamorphosis, 6. coffee & the city, 7. Victoria Street, Edinburgh, 8. early Thanksgiving, 9. bookshelf spectrum, revisited, 10. 366/16 Saturday morning sun, 11. heaven on earth, 12. Weasley cakes!


i’m not being nosy, if they’re being loud

Sometimes sitting in the cafe on campus provides me with hours of amusement, if only because of the foolish things people say/do.

Like, just now, when a sales lady who is pitching a deal to the bookstore director said “Scone is just a made-up word for muffin.” Apparently, she doesn’t like having “desert for breakfast,” since scones are just “dry, hard muffins”. And I always thought they were a British breakfast item o_0.

She’s pitching Britto merchandise… blech. Hurray for artists who can make it big, but Britto’s art is soooo kitschy. And not in an ironic kitschy way.

it starts

So I just checked my email and found a message from one of my close friend’s asking a) if I had gone to see Twilight, b) if I have read the book, and c) if I don’t absolutely love Edward. Because being a lit major, I must have read it.

Yes, I read it when it was first published (I blame the apple on the cover, I have a thing about apples).

And no, Edward does not own my literary heart. That honor still goes to Mr. Darcy (closely followed by Capt. Wentworth and Mr. Thornton).

against my better judgment

So… I’m kind of intrigued by the whole Twilight movie phenomenon/fiasco (depending on which side of the fence you’re on). I kind of missed out on my chance to go with a crowd on Friday, but this group was made up of the sort of fangirls who take the story way too seriously, so it may not have proven very wise to see it with them. My expectations for this thing were very low when they announced that they were going to adapt it, so the reality cannot possibly be worse. I kind of want to see it now, if only for the lulz. 

Oh, good giddy god, I can hear girls talking about it at the table next to mine… It’s a bit awful.

I have to admit, I have this love-hate relationship with the series. I like it, in a “I can’t believe I’m actually reading this” sort of way. So much of the series goes against my idea of good storytelling, but I still want to keep reading it (except Breaking Dawn, even my desire to know how it ended could not overcome the squick factor – and I didn’t even make it to the weird pregnancy bit, I learned about that on Cleo’s blog).

Then there’s the whole weak, needy “heroine” thing. Can Bella take three steps without needing to be rescued? It seems not most of the time. Not to mention, self-destructive, cliff-diving, motorbike rebel Bella (see New Moon).

Still, for some reason, I want to experience the disco-ball dazzle moment.

the scent of paper and ink

Found this post through LISnews

It’s about books lovers and those who put up with them (sort of).

I’m a book lover. My home is overrun by books. I try to get rid of them – sell them, donate them, give them away – but the collection just keeps growing. Is it any wonder my dream is to work in a bookstore or a library?

These two lines were particularly amusing to me 🙂 because it describes my particular brand of bibliophilia very well…

A bona fide book lover is someone who loves the smell of paper. He or she loves the feel of the book as much as the look of the book.

Book lovers don’t care where the books are, just that they are close by. They don’t have to be orderly; sometimes a lack of order is preferred. Books can be piled horizontally or vertically, stacked in rows, squeezed together or layered in a pyramid.

I have to admit, even my mom thinks I’m a little nutty when I tell her I simply have to go to a bookstore to smell the books.


So, I should really be getting back to writing, but it’s been an unusually exhausting week for me – both school and work-wise (and all the other -wises)…

Instead of doing something productive, I ended up playing around on Illustrator and Photoshop. After all, I got the suite for my birthday, I may as well use it.

I’ve never used Illustrator, but always wanted to give it a try.

I’m still not quite sure how it works, but I managed to produce this little doodle (then I had to save it in PS because I could not figure out how to save it on AI 😡 … oh well, I’ll learn).

Not much, but I was very excited to work those vectors.

it’s not pink, it’s salmon

I made a lovely baked salmon for tonight’s dinner, but I completely overestimated how much I would need to feed everyone (and by everyone, I mean the three of us that live in my home). What can I possibly do with the leftovers? I’m not a big salmon fan, I just had a sudden craving for it. Having never cooked it myself, I did not expect that it would go such a long way.

Salmon leftover ideas anyone?