do the twist

I twisted my ankle Friday evening after an afternoon of cupcake making merriment with Em… It wasn’t as terrible as the time I twisted it when I was a kid, but I felt the snap all the way up my leg and started bouncing and screaming for a bit. Honestly, I was surprised Em didn’t hear all the fuss, but those old Gables homes seem to be pretty soundproof. It looked fine, no puffiness or bruising, and it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t make it to my car and drive home. I thought, oh well, it’ll just be a bit sore, but it’ll be fine.ย 

Not so. Not so at all.

I put on a brace, and went out on Saturday only to find that my ankle had swollen to twice its size when I got home. So here I was panicking, wondering if I should bother going to the hospital, or risk it and hope the swelling went away. That’s when I decided to turn to trust ol’ WebMD. Yes, self-diagnosing is wrong – don’t do it kids – but I had a bad sprain before, and this did not feel as bad as that one felt.ย 

I followed WebMD’s recommendations for a sprain (not like there’s much you can do when it’s not broken). I did the ice pack, elevated my foot, yadda yadda. Today, it’s much better… but I feel like an old lady! I’m all… limp limp limp. My dad came over for a visit and we limped towards each other like a pair of old fogies (he has a bad hip). This whole process has made me very lazy, I am so not looking forward to having to get dressed and go to work in a couple of hours (as always, I ask myself, why are we the only office on campus that works on Sundays?!?). Now, am I feeling lazy and not up to anything because of the ankle, or am I using it as an excuse? So easy to use it as an excuse…


hovering gloom

This is truly South Florida weather at its best… perfectly clear skies in the distance, torrential downpour over one particular area. And, yes, this really is a common occurrence.

This black cloud o’ doom stretched from the Gables to who knows where, but it only hovered over a certain area… at times, it seems like these evil clouds are following me around…

the t[eee]ny

My students are absolutely fascinated by my eee pc (and it’s not even the really tiny model). They all kind of stare in wonder and ask, “Is that reallyย a laptop?” as if something so small could not possibly be more than just cuteness without a purpose ๐Ÿ™‚ . I do love this little thing, it’s saving me so much trouble… I can pop it into any tote and I’m off. The cute factor is just one of the many perks.

leadership and peon-ship

One event down, two more to go. Overwhelming? Definitely. Did I realize what I was getting myself into when I agreed to this whole organization presidency gig? No. Not at all. I might not have done it, otherwise. Theย  bright side… all the “real-world, leadership experience” I am gaining. I am now highly skilled in the art of describing how a particular event will benefit the institution in order to get funding, deciphering bureaucratic double-speak, and staying awake during long meetings. My resume appreciates it at least.

While on the subject of my resume… I need a job. A real one. Ideally, a full-time position in a library. This whole two job, teaching deal is slowly destroying me. I find that I give too much of myself to work, and have no time to work on my own projects. I want a job doing something I love, not something I do because I have no other option.

freshmen and their anxieties

Why, oh why, do students assume that their instructors live to grade/review/comment on their papers?

I’m going to have to set some boundaries this semester. I may have a class filled with A-type overachievers, but I don’t need to feel like an overworked high school teacher. One conference, one review. Follow my advice and revise, or take the grade you earned. No more.

the brighter side of life

I experienced taste-bud heaven on Saturday evening. Went to Smith and Wollensky with some friends. We had dinner on the “cheap”, since they were participating in the Miami Spice event.

Dinner was just amazing. I had their conch chowder, filet mignon, a side of steamed vegetables and mushrooms that we shared, and a key lime “brulee”. And a lovely glass of Acacia wine. The conch chowder was a bit of a surprise. We were all expecting something similar to a clam chowder, but it was more like a gumbo. Very tasty and spicy. The filet mignon was just… O-worthy. And the key lime brulee was creamy, calorific sin. I enjoyed every bite and didn’t give a damn about the fat content.

This happy little bread roll alone was a slice of buttery decadence in a pan…

test run

So I decided to give the Google Chrome browser a try… It’s as minimal as they claim, though I think I could do without the bright blue design; otherwise, it’s very sleek and clutter free. Some neat features, the one-size-fits-all address bar and the stealthy “Incognito” browser option… I’m sure every guy I know will like that one ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

It’s also supposed to make your browsing experience a lot faster. I’m on a fast connection at home, so no difference there, but it did make my sites load quickly when I was connected to the school network (which can be a bit slow at times).

I still love my Firefox, but this makes for a nice alternative.

alive and kicking

This has been quite a week… Classes started, so it was back to the stress of driving, planning, teaching (in that order… unless you know Miami traffic, you do not know how stressful it can truly be). Sometimes I think I took on more than I can actually manage this semester, but I’m persistent… I’ll make it work.

I also just realized what 92 pages worth of writing looks like–my thesis took on a life of its own at some point, this is much more than I ever planned to write.