a haunting of sorts

There is a tiny, unwelcome intruder in my bedroom. A creepy, twitchy salamander that has crawled in here and refuses to leave. I spotted it Sunday evening and it has managed to evade all attempts to capture it. I wouldn’t mind so much if it weren’t that my mom is absolutely terrified of lizards and lizard-like creatures. It crept onto my bed last night, so I ended up moving to the couch. It was not a restful sleep. I want this little guy out!

on farm animals in the ‘burbs

The rooster that appeared last summer, Dorothy-style on the end of a storm, is cockle doodle dooing away from the top of a tree… I keep wondering who owns this creature and why they seem so unconcerned that their poultry may be wandering into hostile territory. I know the kids in this neighborhood are vicious little beasts and it’s only a matter of time before they notice the chickens. Girl chickie hasn’t been around in a few days, we suspect chicklets will soon appear. Will there be peeps for Easter? And why would anyone want to have chickens as pets in the first place, especially when there is not a bit of farmland in sight?