video: using things up… Empties #2!

In an effort to make better use of the things I buy, I give you my second Empties video ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of products mentioned here, including health stuff, bath stuff, and some general lifestyle bits. I intended to list them all, but life happened and I lost track of time. So just watch for details and feel free to leaveย any questions in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m happy to share my thoughts on all and any products mentioned, or feel free to leave a recommendation.

Apologies for video quality issues, I noticed some blurring as I was editing, but I recycled all the products before I watched the video. Lesson learned.


going natural and other news

So I haven’t done any real writing in a couple of weeks… turns out that the weird tiredness and lack of concentration was probably the result of a slow-growing skin infection that had been building since my tumble down the stairs. I am now one toe-nail down and many antibiotics up. I’m not one to take too many meds if I can avoid it, but this is definitely not the time to avoid it… nightmares involving Civil War style amputations aside, the infection really was caught just in time. It could’ve been much worse. Luckily, aside from the occasional twinge, and the leftover swelling from the injection sites, I’m finally starting to feel myself again. That’s a very good thing for all involved, as I was staring to get very moody and grumpy because I was barely holding it together. Trying to stay positive.

Now, back to the part about going natural… yes, you heard that right, I’m going natural. What nonsense is this you ask? Well, I’ve been transitioning towards an all-natural (or as close to all-natural) health and wellness routine. This has meant several experiments with natural deodorants, oils, baking soda, arrowroot, vinegar, organic/minimal makeup, no more hair dying (this is a struggle, I was a long time color changer), no more hair drying (though I will do some minimal styling on special occasions and when the weather turns cold–I don’t want to have a Victorian style death by cold head/pneumonia episode), natural toothpaste, and plenty of raised brows from the mother and the boyfriend, but I’m loving it all! I’ll post some details later, but I’ve mostly been scouring the blogosphere for recipes and ideas. Some of the best have come from the following natural living blogs:

The best part is that I’ve really noticed a significant change in my skin and hair, especially the little lines and spots that were starting to show up from lack of moisture and old scarring. And it’s cheap! I’ve spent less on natural products that can be eaten as much as slathered on than I have on skincare at Sephora. I may not look like a hippie, but I’m a flower child on the inside ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m wearing lipstick again

Yes, I am. Every year, I go into a fashion and makeup slump. It tends to happen right around the time that things get hectic with work and life (ie. holiday and/or finals time), and I end up letting go of any sense of fashion. But I’m frump girl no more! At least, until the next mad season. Today, I will rock the red lipstick and patterned dress look. And I will pretend that I am not about to fall over from lack of sleep.


self-conscious musings

I’ve reached an age where I feel comfortable with my looks. Unless I am trying on some hopelessly skimpy outfit, which always makes me cringe with self-doubt. I really do think that I “came into my looks” when I was 23. Yes, I can pinpoint it to the year! It was when I started to feel fashionably put together, a feeling I lacked throughout my tweens and teens. However, there are some things I’ve learned about myself in my twenties.

I will never ever be a dainty girl. I may be fit, but I will never qualify as dainty. Ain’t no way, ain’t no how. I’m much too strong in the wrists to be defined as dainty.

I do not look like most girls… most especially, not like most girls in Miami. I would say I look the way most girls looked in the late 40s and early 50s. I have a face from another time. Talk about melodramatic :p .

I will always be 5lbs away from what I think I should weigh. There’s a lot more to this than I care to think about.

I have too many imperfections to count and yet I have a wonderful person who does not seem to notice them.

I really do look better as a brunette. My dreams of being a red-head never quite work out as planned.

I have my father’s toes; they’re all curvy.

I want to age with grace, but I will never be the girl who looks perfectly coiffed.

So it goes.